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About Me

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC):

Mindfulness-Based, Somatic Trauma, and Social Justice Lens 

Life changed for me the moment I learned how to meditate. I was sixteen, and for the first time I could access my deepest feelings that had--for a good reason--been blocked. Utilizing the wisdom of the body, from over two decades mindfulness practices, I have come to realize that I can navigate the greatest of life's challenges and traumas. I aspire to bring this time-honored wisdom to every client.

I graduated Naropa University with a Masters in Contemplative Counseling Psychotherapy; completed a three-year Somatic (body-based) Trauma Training with Thresholds Healing; completed 2 years of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training (Levels 1 and 2) in healing trauma and developmental/attachment wounds; worked a few years at an Eating Disorder Clinic working at the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient levels; completed EMDR training for treating trauma (Eye Movement Desensitization an Reprocessing therapy), and mentored under Social Justice and Trauma Master counselor Tsunemi Rooney when I worked with survivors of Domestic Violence for four years.

I am a 200-hour Kripalu Hatha Yoga teacher, a seniors yoga teacher, and love body-based exploration based on a decade in the theater. (I also hold 2 other Masters Degrees in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and Theater Studies from the University of Toronto.) 

Compassionate Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy and Somatic Trauma Work

I am passionate about guiding clients into having, discovering or using skills and tools that can help work through trauma or other challenging life events. Utilizing a compassionate, body-based approach, I will guide you into connecting with your body (re-connecting or connecting for the first time) so that you are in touch with what you are feeling, you can process the feelings, and then make meaning of what you have experienced from a stronger place. The neuroscience of healing trauma is clear: we can learn to move from our survival brain to our thriving brain, AKA keeping our pre-frontal Cortex online through mindfulness, and we learn to do this through trauma work! 

I love working with folks who struggle with Eating Disorders, and appreciate the integral process of guiding clients from body rejection to body positivity and acceptance; or at least body neutrality. Yes this is possible! We need to be able move toward body acceptance or neutrality in order to learn how to listen to our deepest longings and what our bodies need to heal. I have a HAES/Anti-Diet Approach to working with folks. All bodies are welcome here! 

Using a Buddhist and mindfulness-based framework, guiding someone into their felt sense so that they can learn to navigate extreme emotions sustainably is at the center of this healing process.

Holding a social justice lens, based on a client's social location as well as mine as a clinician, is critical to this healing process. 


Supervision for Licensed Professional Counseling Candidates (LPCC)

I am passionate about supervising LPCCs toward licensure and consulting folks who are licensed!


After 7 years of agency work, a decade in the mental health world, and years of trauma trainings, I appreciate helping folks work toward licensure in a safe and supportive way!

In my experience, having amazing supervisors was essential for scaffolding deep strength and confidence in my professional work. 

My approach will always hold a social justice/strength-based/trauma informed lens.


Please reach out if you want to learn more!


Kate Josephson Psychotherapy

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"This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it's with us wherever we are."

Pema Chodron

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To schedule a session feel free to call (720) 432-2649 or fill out your information here. I like to provide a 20 minute free phone consult in order to make sure we're a good fit! 

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